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Visual Storytelling

RDG approaches every project with the goal of putting the user first. Taking on this perspective helps guide us to create clean, functional interfaces that connect with a brand’s audience.

Video + Motion

The best stories come to life when emotion meets motion. RDG humanizes brands by creating videos that speak to their target audiences on a deeper, more visual level.

Photography Shoots

From headshots to dynamic content to behind-the-scenes, RDG curates high-level imagery for clients to use across all levels of their brand or campaign.

Drone Capture

Whether you need us on the ground or up in the air, we’re your team. RDG offers 4K HD drone video and detail-rich aerial photography that ensures your brand stands out from the crowd.

Post Production

RDG’s editing suite encapsulates everything from audio mixing, color correcting, to video or photo manipulation. No task is too big or small for our team and we always enjoy a good challenge.