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TKF Grindstone, LLC.

Branding, Messaging, Website, Social Media, PR

Branding, Messaging, Website, Social Media, PR

Funetic Rings Introductory Video

TKF Grindstone is an education-based company that specializes in products and services that are geared towards grade school children. Their first product, Funetic Rings, are ringtones and audio files uniquely designed to engage young minds, specifically Pre-K through 3rd grade, with common frequently used words.

When we first engaged with this client, they had a finished product but needed to generate awareness. Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the world of elementary grade-level education to gain a deep understanding of their target audience. We were able to craft an introductory video that clearly explains their product offerings to potential customers. The result perfectly captured their vision and its performance exceeded even their projections.